Tuesday, 23 June 2015

THE CLIFF, Book 5: "The King" preview CONTINUES! Pages 5 & 6

More preview pages--protagonist Mutt Blue returns from the fabled planet Earth to the Nexus Island to recruit his fellow adventurers for a visit to the bureaucrat who runs the universe, only to discover his old pals have aged 15 years while he's only aged a week!

The Kickstarter campaign for THE CLIFF, Book 5:  "The King" ends on Friday, June 26.  If we reach the $2000 goal I have promised to provide a free sketch of requested CLIFF characters to every donor, in addition to which anyone kindly contributing over $50 gets a copy of the graphic novel mailed to them!

If the goal isn't reached it is still fine, I love you all unconditionally.
- Matthew

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