Sunday, 26 April 2020

Live Stream Graphic Novel Reading Videos

In April 2020 I hosted a five-part series of graphic novel readings on my Facebook page.  In case you'd like to see this retrospective, plus the live premiere of "Ornette Speaks," here are the video links... each has an introduction with me (and sometimes family members) then the view of the book itself, along with music as follows:

- ARCHITECTURE DEPARTMENT (2016) -- Master's of Architecture thesis graphic novel, with music from Archie Shepp

- THE CLIFF (2017) -- a science fiction spiritual surrealist epic that took more than a decade to complete, with music from Eric Dolphy

- WHAT IS MEDITATION? (2018) -- a brief overview of meditation 'superheroes' like the Buddha, Lao Tzu and Nisargadatta, explaining how I got into meditation and live comics interviews with my two great living teachers Ed Muzika and Frederick Prack, with music from Don Cherry

- ROTHKO (2019) -- cartoon biography imagining the life of abstract expressionist painter Mark Rothko as a sort of Peanuts comic strip, with music from Thelonious Monk

- ORNETTE SPEAKS (2020) -- A stream of consciousness odyssey through words spoken by avantgarde saxophone genius and composer Ornette Coleman, with music by the man himself.  This is a virtual launch, with the hard copy of the book to come when the pandemic is over.  Produced with the kind assistance of a grant from the Toronto Arts Council!

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