Friday, 30 October 2015


PechaKucha apparently means something like "jibber jabber" in Japanese, where the idea developed in 2003 for a dramatically condensed new presentation format,  since architects "talk too much":  20 X 20 = Twenty slides for twenty seconds each to get their idea across.  Since then  there's a sort of "PechaKucha" culture that's spread across the globe...

PechaKucha Thesis Report

Meanwhile, we were asked to do our midterm thesis report at U of T's Daniels Architecture as a PechaKucha. It was a real challenge to tie together my years of drawing, writing, traveling, studying and meditating  and boil it down into the 6 minutes and forty seconds about Varanasi, architecture and my graphic novel.  What do you think?  

Monday, 12 October 2015

Back issues of THE CLIFF have come available!

A few copies of THE CLIFF Books 1-2, Book 3 and Book 4 have become available!    The graphic novel I'm working on right now, ARCHITECTURE DEPARTMENT, explains where THE CLIFF comes from, and is a kind of prequel.

If you'd like to order back issues of THE CLIFF while they last, please let me know -

In other exciting news--THE CLIFF will be collected for 2018 in a final complete edition by Editions TRIP, including the final chapter available in the collected edition only, Book 5: "The King"!