Wednesday, 15 September 2021

"Graphic Influence" launched on ComiXology!

My exploration of the subliminal images which romp through my comics subconsciousness is now live on ComiXology...

Check it out!

"on:LINE Magazine" launched on ComiXology!

 "on:LINE Comics Anthology" is now live on ComiXology!

Featuring Claudio Ghirardo, Naomi Reid, Jack Ruttan, Adam Reich, Terence Cheng, Marc Cohen, Charles Hackbarth and some guy named Matthew Brown... check it out.

Thursday, 22 July 2021

on:LINE Magazine - Comics Anthology - free to all!


on:LINE Magzine #1

New comics anthology with work by Matthew Brown, Terence Cheng, Marc Cohen, Claudio Ghirardo, Charles Hackbarth, Adam Reich, Naomi Reid and Jack Ruttan! First issue of on:LINE Magazine is completely free! Download at this link:

or email me for your pdf eBook:


Friday, 7 May 2021

Exhibiting at TCAF - Toronto Comic Arts Festival, 2021

Here are some promo videos for my two latest books, debuting at the online Toronto Comic Arts Festival, 2021 - running from May 8-15, plus a short tour of my work space!

This short promo video introduces my book "Graphic Influence" and explains how during lockdown I hunted through my bookshelves for the comics which shaped me, including Star Wars, Daredevil and Peanuts -- and how I used my impressions of modern and ancient architecture as a backdrop and put the whole thing in a poetic, surreal and continuous mixtape landscape.

This is a short promo video introduces my book "Ornette Speaks" and explains who Ornette Coleman was, how I got the inspiration to do a comic about him, and how my working approach was influenced by Ornette and free jazz.

This is a short promo video shows my workspace, with page 108 from my latest book PENGUIN DETECTIVE, "The Case of No Case" on the drawing board!
More work in progress can be seen on my Instagram.

If any of this work tickles your fancy, please feel free to check out my books on Amazon!

Wednesday, 21 April 2021