Saturday, 27 June 2015

Thanks to my backers... I really appreciate it.

Dear Backers of THE CLIFF, Book Five: "The King" on Kickstarter, we didn't make it to the $2000 goal, but... every one of you touched me by volunteering some of your hard-earned dough toward my graphic novel.  More than the money it was your support that really validates my doing this project.  I feel better knowing you're out there.  
I completed one drawing for a backer because he was getting married and I was going to Philadelphia to join in the fun and got around the "no gifts" rule by making him his promised drawing in advance... I'm attaching the drawing it sans dedication, as a sort of "thank you" gift to him and all of you; please consider it my thank you gift to all of you.  

THE CLIFF: Poopsie the Penguin and his Secretary, Ms. Rebecca Nurse 
THE CLIFF: Poopsie the Penguin and his Secretary, Ms. Rebecca Nurse
I will continue THE CLIFF 'til the end, and am in pre-production with the next series: ARCHITECTURE DEPARTMENT, which is a prequel to THE CLIFF and explains the events leading up to it, including the world, the characters and their parents and in some cases, grandparents.  It promises to be surreal, funny, bewildering and as sublime as I can manage.  
Take care, stay in touch, shoot me an email from time to time -
Most of you are my friends on Facebook, if not, please "friend" me. And finally, there is the blog which I update regularly!
Love, Matthew

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