Sunday, 14 June 2015

THE CLIFF Book 4 - Launch Video Part 3 - the GRAND CLIMAX!

3rd and final installment! Guns blaze on the ghats, tempers flare in the moonlight, old grudges explode and alligators get fed.  From the June 9 launch with improvised live reading and music of  THE CLIFF, Book 4: "Heart of Brightness"... starring actors Morgan Jones-Phillips, Sarah Goodman, Jacob Pendergrast, Liyat Benchetrit, Colin Matthews and Tova Epp; and musicians Mikhial Gurarie (bass & stick), Paul Swoger-Ruston (guitar), Adam Reich (jaw harp & samples) and Matthew Brown (drums.)

Next graphic novel - THE CLIFF, Book 5: "The King" still has a ways to go on Kickstarter... if I reach my $2000 goal by June 26, all contributors get an original drawing by me, and those who donate over $50 get a free copy of the graphic novel thrown in... please consider it!

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