Monday, 13 August 2012

MURDER IN VARANASI - New Faces in the Book

Now that THE CLIFF-Books 1&2 is available online, there will be a real-world launch with musical entertainment and drinks some time in October, 2012... still in the planning process. (Watch this space for more info!) 

Meanwhile, here is a sneak peek at some characters whom Mutt Blue, prince-in-exile and Poopsie the Penguin, Private Invesigator and Unwitting Messiah, will probably run into in THE CLIFF-Book 3: Murder in Varanasi and THE CLIFF-Book 4: Heart of Brightness ...

Rebecca Nurse - Poopsie the Penguin's
secretary and "Girl Friday."

Honky the Pig - childhood friend to Poopsie
the Penguin; now a professional assassin.

Laxmi - the mysterious former courtesan
to detergent millionaire Linux Fan Belt...
holder of many secrets.

Ganga - daughter of Laxmi;
a very bright and quiet girl.

Anita - daughter to Sheriff Raymont Raymont
of Nexus Island and the Equivocal Smattering
of Miscellaneous Territories, Etc., and a
member of the Penguinistas.

More new characters on the way!!

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