Thursday, 2 August 2012

Fan Belts R Us

Linux Fan Belt, ex-business partner
of the late Carlos Brown

In THE CLIFF Book 3: Murder in Varanasi, the millionaire Carlos Brown (featured in the previous post) is sadly found murdered.  However, while Carlos may have died alone, he certainly did not live alone.  Featured above is Carlos' ex-business partner in the Wishy Washy Detergent empire, also his childhood buddy and philosophical sparring partner: Linux Fan Belt.

Linux Fan Belt as a youth, propounding
an important point

Linux Fan Belt, of course, has a sister--Luxy Fan Belt.  They grew up together with Carlos Brown and Poopsie the Penguin in Varanasi, although on different sides of the tracks.  It is Luxy who first approaches Poopsie the Penguin via her niece, Mei Mei Castiglione to solve the crime of her ex-husband's murder.  Did I forget to mention?  Luxy Fan Belt was, up until recently, married to Carlos Brown.  After his dog disappeared he broke up his business partnership with Linux Fan Belt, and Luxy divorced him.  But all those details are covered, and more, in THE CLIFF: Book 3, Murder in Varanasi

Mei Mei Castiglione,
Luxy Fan Belt's niece
from Moronto

Linux's sister, also Carlos Brown's ex-wife--
Luxy Fan Belt

Why are Luxy's once beautiful features now covered by bandages?  This and other surprising revelations are sure to be forthcoming!!

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