Monday, 27 August 2012

Articles, Reviews and Rare Published Work

This is a detail from my first-ever published work... a guest spot in Toronto's news and entertainment weekly, NOW Magazine, from 1989--I was seventeen years old, and I remember carrying in a stack of them to my high school drama class!  People were puzzled then, as they are now (but vaguely supportive.)

Here are some links to my first published work, some articles and reviews from my days in the early 1990's Montreal underground comix scene, and one brief return to form ten years ago.

(Just click on the highlighted text if you'd like to download larger files of these images!)

My first published work - "Boony Boy Encounters the Rational Thought Process"  (NOW Magazine - Toronto - Vol8-No7 - Jan 5-11 - 1989)

And now jumping ten years forward again it is 2012 and I am looking forward to launching my graphic novel THE CLIFF--Books 1&2 on Saturday, October 6 at the TRANZAC club in Toronto!  (Details in previous post.) 

Hope you can join me, if you'd like to be there!

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