Monday, 23 July 2012

Coming Soon! THE CLIFF Book 1 and 2

Welcome to Matthew Brown's new comic book blog. 
You may remember "The Cliff" Book One... a photocopied mini-comic published by Ambient Zero that came out in 2005... Now the adventure continues! 

As well as re-printing Book One: My Helicoper with higher image quality and revisions, an entirely new adventure continues with Book Two: The Inner River!

The Cover to THE CLIFF- Book 1 & 2

I am very excited about the new edition... after getting thoroughly burned out during Architecture School (2005-2008,) it took me a few years to refuel and find my love for comic books again.
The saga continues with the three adventurers Mutt Blue, prince-in-exile; Partridge Bark, frustrated novelist; and Torvek Rotinski, aspiring photographer...

Torvek, Mutt and Partridge witnessing a calamity

And the story introduces several new characters, such as Rabbit--owner of the Nexus Island Tea Stall, and Sheriff Raymont Raymont of Nexus Island and the Equivocal Smattering of Miscellaneous Territories, Etc. 
(These two characters premiered in Fear Itself: Matthew Brown's Comix Compendium 1988-2004, launched at TCAF by Editions TRIP in May, 2011)

Sheriff Raymont and Rabbit prepare for catastrophe

The entire CLIFF saga will range over five volumes... this edition comprises the first two. 
Book Three: Murder in Varanasi is already in production!
When I have an exact date for the launch, I will post it here... probably some time in September, 2012. 
In the meantime I will post some tidbits and musings which should be entertaining and titillating.
So, I hope you enjoy these "coming attractions" and keep an eye on this blog for further developments!


  1. Looks great, Matthew! Following in a long family tradition of creative lunacy and artistry! :^)