Friday, 5 January 2018

Lunch with Chester Brown - ROTHKO gets the thumbs up!

Chester depicting the life of Jesus (from "YUMMY FUR")
Chester Brown is a Toronto cartoonist and in my humble opinion, one of the greatest in the world!  We had lunch yesterday... I was floored when he reviewed pages of my next project after WHAT IS MEDITATION, and actually liked it!  I'm super grateful.  You can read about it directly on his web page!  Or excerpted below.  Thanks Chester!
"Matthew Brown and I got together for lunch yesterday. We agreed to meet at BMV first. (BMV is a chain of used bookstores in Toronto.) There was a locked glass case there with presumably valuable books. I noticed that there was a signed hardcover copy of Louis Riel behind the glass for $60! Then I noticed that beside it there was a signed copy of The Little Man for $30. And beside that were signed copies of The Playboy and I Never Liked You; those are only $20 each. (Does it make sense to put books that are only $20 in a locked case?)
Matthew was late. He apparently went to the wrong location of BMV. When I’d suggested that we meet at BMV, I'd assumed it would be obvious that I was talking about the location next to the restaurant we were going to. Instead, Mathew went to a different BMV, then realized his mistake, and rushed over to the right location.
He’s been working on a comic-strip biography of Mark Rothko and showed me his progress. He’s come up with a clever approach for the project."

A panel from my next project: ROTHKO

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