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A live reading by the "renowned" Matthew Brown! Check out this fun article promoting the launch this coming Thursday!

Thanks Claudio Ghirardo!

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6 Reasons to check out Comics: The Road To Independence at The Living Arts Centre

Did you know that many have debated whether or not comics are an art-form? Some say yes, some say no but the Living Arts Centre is putting together its first ever exhibition on comics by four artists: Claudio Ghirardo, Matthew Brown, Katie Shanahan, and Caeleigh Boara, who have taken the medium and its use of visual narrative to tell stories of everyday life, funny situations, dreamlike drama, and more. Here are six very good reasons you should visit “Comics: The Road to Independence”
Drawings done on windows

Matthew Brown

Besides pages of amazing comic book art, you will also be see drawings done on the windows! The artists have used the windows at the Living Arts Centre as panels, each artist drew on a window or two and began telling a story and started a comic strip panel. More will be done during the opening reception Thursday January 18, from 7-9pm.

A live reading by the renowned Matthew Brown
During the opening reception, artist Matthew Brown will be doing, for the first time ever in Mississauga, a live performance reading of his graphic novel “The Cliff”. Live music will be played, actors will provide the voices of the characters from the comic, and video images from the graphic novel will be displayed on the wall of the gallery. During the exhibition, the public can watch a video of the comic book performance reading at their own leisure.

There'll be a reading room to relax in
A reading room will be installed allowing the public to read various comics while in the gallery. Whether you are into comics or not (you will be after this exhibition), you can sit down, relax, and enjoy being a kid again while reading innovative comics.

Every artist is an independent one

Katie Shanahan

All the artists are independents! Meaning that the artworks are written, drawn (some painted), and published by the artists themselves. Their own personal work from their own personal perspectives, you will not see superheroes, fantasy or sci-fi adventure. You will see how artists have used comics to tell stories about real life situations, romance, drama, meditation, and humour.

This a first of its kind event in Mississauga

This is the first time the Living Arts Centre, or any gallery in Mississauga, has ever done an exhibition on comics. Independent, sometimes known as alternative, comics are not as well known as DC and Marvel but have for the past 25 years grown into close a billion dollar market.

It's half of $0.00 to attend!

It’s FREE!! All you need to do is enter the Living Arts Centre, walk through the gallery doors on the second floor, and enjoy the show and comics.

The opening reception at the Living Arts Centre is on Thursday, January 18 from 7-pm and there will be munchies and drinks (no alcohol) and it is FREE to attend.
Free admission, free drinks, free snacks, free entertainment, free enjoyment.
Best of all? You'll be supporting our local arts community!

Claudio Ghirardo

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