Monday, 24 September 2012

Sketchbook Archives: Part II (2001 - Toronto, LA, India, Korea)

This and the following I did as a series of automatic brush and ink drawings.  I tried to produce them as rapidly as possible, with no mental editing.  Hence several drawings are excluded from this post, since they were either not very good or they were too explicit for posting!

The heart-and-airplane motif appears again in "The Sad Elephant," a comic story I did for mini-comic Fear Itself  #7 (2003.)

Pint glass

Neil, my sister's husband

Bubi Rae, my grandfather's 3rd wife (of 45 years,)
in Los Angeles.  Since passed on.

My Grandpa Sol (now passed away)
Los Angeles

The above drawing was kind of a throw-away at the time,
now it's one of my favourites.  I arrived in India
for my 3rd visit on September 9, 2001.

Bangladeshi film producer on a train,

King business bull at dinner time.

Monks on a train,

Lokamitta, a monk whose name meant "Friend of
the World", on a train in India

Detail from the stupa at Salbari Buddha Gompa,
West Bengal, where my brother lived on and
off for 7 years.  (The rest of the time he
was in Nepal.)

Sangdon Yi at a Buddhist temple in
the mountains, Korea. 

Trees on a mountain,

SeJin and YiSu, friends of Sangdon,

Sangdon's brother's apartment,
2:30am, Korea

Seoul subway

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