Wednesday, 6 February 2019

ARCHITECTURE DEPARTMENT and THE CLIFF now available on Amazon-Comixology!

Happy to say the THE CLIFF, 10-year science fiction spiritual absurdist epic and its prologue, my Master's of Architecture thesis graphic novel ARCHITECTURE DEPARTMENT are both now available as e-books on Amazon-Comixology!  Very affordable price.  Check 'em out!


Architecture Department: The Waters

Depicts the horrors of Architecture School, the end of the world, the origin of the bagel and the city of Varanasi's role as cosmic axis. Readers learn where the world of THE CLIFF comes from and briefly meet Poopsie the Penguin's parents, as well as Mutt Blue's grandfather. Explores themes in Buddhism and Tantra.
This architecture master's thesis graphic novel is a prologue to THE CLIFF.

THE CLIFF on Amazon-Comixology

The Cliff: Collected Final Edition

Details exile Mutt Blue's odyssey through various worlds in search of real love, his true Self and samosas. Elaborates the agony of unrequited lust, lost friends and war between talking animals--co-starring grizzled private eye Poopsie the Penguin, lovely bitter novelist Partridge Bark and the King--a mysterious bearded bureaucrat who runs the universe. Continues the exploration of Buddhist, Advaita and Tantric themes found in FEAR ITSELF and ARCHITECTURE DEPARTMENT.

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