Friday, 6 July 2018

Shout Out from Chester Brown re: Meditation!

Chester Brown, renowned cartoonist has a few kind words to say about the WHAT IS MEDITATION? graphic novel... thanks heartily Chester!  Below is an excerpt from his blog... click the link for the full story!

Matthew showed up and we had lunch and he told all about how much he’s enjoying being a father. (He’s been a dad for less than two months now.) 
He’s also got a new graphic-novel out about meditation:
I enjoyed it and wrote the introduction. It’s in large part a tribute to his spiritual teachers, Ed Muzika and Fred Prack. I’ve been hearing about those guys from Matthew for a while, so it’s nice to have a comprehensive introduction to their ideas. And the cartooning is great — rubbery and loose.
I’m not sure that I was the perfect guy to write the introduction since I don’t meditate. My “spiritual practice” is mostly centred around Byron Katie’s “Work”. She calls it a form of meditation, but that doesn't seem accurate to me. Katie’s Work is a method of analyzing one’s thoughts so that one gains some distance from them and, ultimately, stops identifying with them. From my understanding of meditation, the goal is similar, but the method of achieving the goal is quite different. 

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