Monday, 28 May 2018


These are some of the comments have come in from readers of the "WHAT IS MEDITATION?" graphic novel... I am delighted and grateful for them!

"Yes, it is interesting how books can show up and change your life in a way.... I loved both interviews! Self-awareness is a powerful tool that can turn around our perspective of life.... I enjoyed reading it and looking at it. Your drawings can help the descriptions of the experiences that you or others lived through meditation.

W. Daniel Reyes Corral (PhD Candidate - Redpath Museum, McGill University, Montréal, Québec)

"What an amazing document you have created!  You did an expert job of combining a wealth of detailed information about meditation, a most engaging story about your own spiritual journey, and the delightful drawings readers have come to expect in your work.

·         The two interviews are in-depth studies of meditation that would offer new insights to experienced practitioners.
·         Your own journey is fascinating to explore. You really put yourself out there, Matthew, with candid assessments of your life struggles and triumphs. I believe that your experiences and frank sharing will be of great help to many readers.
·         Your skill in drawing is certainly on view in this book. On page 23 for example, the face of Edward Muzika, your face, the female figure, and the swirling paths…make a stunning combination. That whole section from pages 23-43 is so visually compelling. You depict so much “soul” with a few lines—in the faces of Muktananda, Muzika, your own.
·         I stared at the nine frames on p. 48 for a long time. Just wonderful!

And there are so many more examples. No one has ever seen a graphic novel like this before.  I keep thinking about the hundreds of hours, working alone, creating all this. You can be very proud."

- Janet Glasspool (Former Director of Education - Bluewater District School Board, Ontario)

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