Thursday, 9 November 2017

What is Meditation? (work in progress) PAGES 40-42

“What is Meditation? And Why Should I Do It?” is an ongoing confessional slapstick autobiography docu-comic about meditation—daily panels can be found on Instagram under Poopsiepenguin... and Facebook.

Last night I finally completed finished a first draft--including comic book interviews with living teachers Ed Muzika and Fred Prack, a "Notes" section with tips on How to Meditate and Comics Masters who influenced this project, plus the complete typed transcripts of Ed and Fred's original interviews--it came in at 107 pages.  EXCITED!

  I am open to any questions, comments or good anecdotes.

What is Meditation?
(page 40)

What is Meditation?
(page 41)

What is Meditation?
(page 42)

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