Sunday, 3 September 2017

Good news! THE CLIFF in the Library + Mississauga Living Arts Center

Hurray!  The Toronto Public Library has purchased 4 copies of THE CLIFF!  Now THE CLIFF will be sharing shelf space with the likes of Gilbert & Jaime Hernandez, Will Eisner, Daniel Clowes and a host of great cartoonists for the public to enjoy!

Liyat Benchetrit, Jacob Pendergrast, Morgan Phillips

Jacob Pendergrast, Sarah Goodman, Liyat Benchetrit, Morgan Phillips, Colin Matthews

News item: We went into the recording studio this week to record voice tracks for the Local Comic Artists exhibition coming this January-February 2018 at the Mississauga Living Arts Center!  Pages from THE CLIFF will be up in the gallery, along with a video installation of actors reading Book 5 to an original soundtrack by the Cliff Ensemble, plus a live reading with actors and musicians at the opening!  (Watch this space for further details!)

Morgan, Matthew, Colin, Mikhial's elbow, Liyat, Sarah, Jacob

Present at Tuesday's session were actors Morgan Phillips, Sarah Goodman, Jacob Pendergrast, Liyat Benchetrit and Colin Matthews, engineer Mikhial Gurarie, studio impresario Paul Swoger-Ruston and myself--your humble narrator.  These pictures and video shot by the excellent actors hopefully give some idea of the fun we had exploring the heights and depths of THE CLIFF--in glorious stereo!

Colin, Liyat, Matthew, Jacob

Liyat, Matthew, Jacob - Video by Sarah

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