Monday, 31 July 2017

THE CLIFF Graphic Novel Book 5, "The King" - Live Reading Video!

Live Graphic Novel
Reading – THE CLIFF, Book Five - “The King”

Intrepid hero Mutt Blue finds his way back to the Nexus Island to enlist his travel companions Torvek and Partridge to meet a mysterious bearded bureaucrat who runs the universe—The King.
However, while for Mutt it only seems to be a week since he swam off toVaranasi with Poopsie the Penguin, for Torvek and Partridge fifteen years have passed; they are reluctant to leave their settled lives. 

Mutt must go it alone to meet The King, find love, and figure out why he is alive.

Live reading at Red Eye Espresso, Toronto – July 8, 2017

Voice actors: Morgan Phillips, Jacob Pendergrast, Colin Matthews, Sarah Goodman, Liyat Benchetrit and Tova Epp. 

Musicians: Adam Reich, Mikhial Gurarie, Paul Swoger-Ruston and Matthew Brown. 

Slide Advancer: Quyen Tieu. 

THE CLIFF graphic novel is available in Toronto at Red Eye Espresso, The Beguiling, Silver Snail, Doug Miller Books, University of Toronto Bookstore, Sonic Boom, Page & Panel, Book City on the Danforth and Seekers Books.

Available online from Editions TRIP Comix -

Available in Toronto or via email from Matthew Brown –

Info and news about Matthew Brown’s graphic novel projects can be found online at

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