Wednesday, 14 May 2014

TRIP-ping out at TCAF

It was great to see my friends in the Editions TRIP Comix delegation from Montreal at TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival) on May 10 and 11!  So, a hearty thank you to Marc Tessier, Stan and Marie-Claude Wany, Rupert Bottenberg, Tang Wei and I-En Hsu, Frederic Cordier and all who came to enjoy their expressive, bizarre and beautiful books...

Only Marc Tessier could find a candy scorpion on a Toronto sidewalk; and only Marc Tessier could insist we get down on our hands and knees to inspect it on the wet sidewalk in rush hour on Yonge St.

Frederic Cordier is a talented cartoonist from France living in Montreal; Marc Tessier has not only been my friend and supporter since 1991, he has also been my publisher since then.  His relentless faith pushed me back into comics several years ago... at TCAF!

This picture is the key to several important things about life, comic books and the mysterious planet Earth (taken by Marc Tessier.)

The Editions TRIP Comix table... an astounding assortment of books made available by publishers Stanley Wany and Marc Tessier (and my own Ambient Zero stuff), with fellow artists Rupert Bottenberg of Montreal and Tang Wei Hsu of Taiwan/NYC.

TCAF has a great kids' section, as you can see from the mask and comic strip my sister Judy and her son Sasha made for me!

I am leading cartoonists to Spring Rolls on Yonge St... a mighty mission!

With the "Tin Can Forest" couple, Frederic Cordier, Marc Tessier, me, Rupert Bottenberg, Marie-Claude, Will, and I-En Hsu + son at Spring Rolls.

Toronto cartoon history--posing in front of a mural by Runt.

Kensington Market alleyway: Rock star pose #1.

Kensington Market alleyway: Rock star pose #2.

Kensington Market alleyway: Rock star pose #3.

Elementary, my dear Tessier.

Stan Wany is working on a complex staring-into-space problem, while Marc Tessier stares into the camera.  He seems to know something...

Friends across the decades.

One last coffee before tired cartoonists and their families hit the road.

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