Monday, 12 November 2012

Things to Come

Here is a preview of the upcoming Editions TRIP calendar illustration for February, 2013... with Poopsie as guardian Cupid, Honky the Pig as assassin, Partridge Bark as literary provocateur and Mutt Blue as naked guy with his head in the river.  Kind of a sideways and backwards dream hint to themes in the upcoming chapters of THE CLIFF... Book 3, "Murder in Varanasi" and Book 4, "Heart of Brightness!"

And here is a partial cast of characters from the last three books... (from left to right): Fafa Rotinski, Booboo Rotinski, Anita Rotinski, Sheriff Raymont Raymont, Partridge Bark, Torvek Rotinski, Mutt Blue, Honky the Pig, Laxmi Fan Belt Blue, Rebecca Nurse, Ganga Fan Belt Blue, Sgt. Rajesh and Poopsie the Penguin.

Work on Book 3 proceeds on apace...  I have applied to the TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival) in May 2013, and hope I can get a table there and meet you all!

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