Thursday, 16 April 2015

THE CLIFF Book 4 REVIEW #3 - Friendship, Money and Corruption - by Heather South

I am delighted that designer and co-founder of at least one bar, Ms. Heather South has agreed to write the third official review of next book in my graphic novel... about herself, Heather writes:
Heather South is seeking new life forms. For all inquiries, please contact:

The Cliff 4 - Heart of Brightness
Matt Brown
REVIEW - 5/5 penguins
Poopsie the Penguin is back in business. 
We find our penguin-Columbo reluctantly traveling back to Varanasi, India, with his green assistant, Mutt Blue (recently escaped from his own oppressive homeland), to reunite with an old acquaintance, Honky the Pig, in order to solve the murder of a local billionaire. 
In this suspenseful puzzle, Poopsie is reluctantly reunited with his infamous past and all are forced to confront their futures.

Well-written, the story presents itself easily to new readers, though seasoned readers may yearn for Matt's more perverse, abstract humour found in earlier comics.

Perverse, abstract humor from Matthew Brown's
younger days (available in the FEAR ITSELF collection

Illustrated with a fresh layout and seeming simplicity in the drawings, artist Matt Brown's archetypal India ink line has developed intricate beauty. 
Brown unravels an intricate mystery out of the maze of an ancient city and 
of the relationships between these characters and the truths of friendship, money and corruption.

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