Wednesday 10 April 2024

on:LINE Comix Anthology #4 is here!


I'm very happy to announce the Ambient Zero Publications release of on:LINE Comics Anthology #4 – edited by Claudio Ghirardo, assistant edited by Charles Hackbarth. This collection shares hot fresh work by artists and cartoonists pushing the boundaries – Mark Adair, Claude Bolduc @bolducclaude, Matthew Brown @poopsiepenguin, Marc Cohen @studio_m.s.cohen, Dennis Corrigan @corrigandennis, Victor Gad @victorgad_, CGhirardo @cghirardo64, Charles Hackbarth @charleshackbarth, Jennifer Herbert @lipstick_dirtyboots, Vince Mancuso @vince.mancuso, Arshi Mortuza @poetessarshi, Adam Reich @zenmadmonkey, Naomi Reid, Jack Ruttan and Natasha Vetka @multiversicon. Many of these artists were also featured in the recent show at John Gagné Contemporary Gallery... and some are just in the door.

Also featuring my first ever fully-painted colour comics story and a preview of my upcoming comic about piano genius Thelonious Monk.
Please feel free to share and enjoy! Absolutely free – download at this link:

Tuesday 19 September 2023

PENGUIN DETECTIVE: The Case of No Case is now available!

PENGUIN DETECTIVE IS NOW AVAILABLE!  185 pages at the affordable price of $15, contact me for your signed copy or order directly from Amazon!  

Six years in the making, Matthew Brown’s beloved character finally gets his own full-length adventure. PENGUIN DETECTIVE: The Case of No Case outlines how Poopsie the Penguin washes up on the shore of Moronto and, through a series of trials and travails, finally becomes a private detective.
Fitting between the chronologies of ARCHITECTURE DEPARTMENT and THE CLIFF, Matthew Brown pulls out all the stops to depict theme, character, plot, mood, noise, romance, repugnance, camaraderie, chaos, coffee and the search for meaningful employment—with artwork pushed to the next level.
Go penguin, go!

Wednesday 7 June 2023

off:LINE Comics Anthology - sumptuously physical


off:LINE Comics Anthology is here! Ambient Zero, my publishing imprint, is releasing its first full-colour book! 163 pages. Rich texture, glorious hues, available from Amazon or directly from the artists! This aggressive potpourri of ebullient comix comes from Canada and features boundary-pushing fine art, physics, confession, autobiography, hallucination, humour, abstraction, cuteness, sassiness and despair tempered by wonder. 

Collecting the first 3 issues of Ambient Zero's digital on:LINE Magazine, off:LINE exists as a sumptuously physical object. Published by Matthew Brown and Edited by Charles Hackbarth, Adam Reich and Naomi Reid, featuring fresh and vital stories by Matthew Brown, Terence Cheng, Marc Cohen, Chris Evitts, Claudio Ghirardo, Pat Glassel, Charles Hackbarth, Jennifer Herbert, Vince Mancuso, Dr. Minzz, Sandra Mizumoto-Posey, Adam Reich, Naomi Reid and Jack Ruttan.