Tuesday, 19 September 2023

PENGUIN DETECTIVE: The Case of No Case is now available!

PENGUIN DETECTIVE IS NOW AVAILABLE!  185 pages at the affordable price of $15, contact me for your signed copy or order directly from Amazon!  

Six years in the making, Matthew Brown’s beloved character finally gets his own full-length adventure. PENGUIN DETECTIVE: The Case of No Case outlines how Poopsie the Penguin washes up on the shore of Moronto and, through a series of trials and travails, finally becomes a private detective.
Fitting between the chronologies of ARCHITECTURE DEPARTMENT and THE CLIFF, Matthew Brown pulls out all the stops to depict theme, character, plot, mood, noise, romance, repugnance, camaraderie, chaos, coffee and the search for meaningful employment—with artwork pushed to the next level.
Go penguin, go!

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