Friday, 15 July 2022

Matthew Brown Book Sale!


Original edition hard copies of ORNETTE SPEAKS, ARCHITECTURE DEPARTMENT, THE CLIFF, WHAT IS MEDITATION?, ROTHKO and DOESBURG available for very reasonable prices. Signed! Free rarity included with every purchase! Treat yourself to homecooked quests in comics form from a Toronto-born, world-traveled writer/artist with an uncompromising vision and a cute penguin. Message me if interested! Email:

ORNETTE SPEAKS: Adapting the avantgarde saxophone genius's spoken words into a kaleidoscopic comics blowout. 

ARCHITECTURE DEPARTMENT: Lambastes the architectural education process, showcases the end of the world and the origin of the bagel. 

THE CLIFF: Epic story of Mutt Blue's estrangement from his home kingdom, descent into a mysterious world of lovers, friends and enemies, apprenticeship to detective Poopsie the Penguin and solution of a murder in Varanasi. 

WHAT IS MEDITATION? Chronicles the author's life before, during and after learning meditation and self-healing techniques. Runs through brief quirky bios of Buddha, Lao Tzu, modern masters and interviews two living meditation teachers in comics form. 

ROTHKO: A comic strip a-la-Peanuts about the depressive genius whose luminous "colour square" paintings emit the divine... but do they rescue us from melancholy? Plus some funny bits. 

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