Friday, 8 April 2016

ARCHITECTURE DEPARTMENT What are the critics saying?

Some comments from folks who have read the ARCHITECTURE DEPARTMENT graphic novel so far... copies are still available, if you are interested please email me at !

“Architecture Department is not just a great prequel; it's a great graphic novel, full stop. Very funny, and also very moving. And the fact that the author successfully submitted as his master's thesis this often-blistering critique of architecture-in-academia is classic Matthew Brown.
– A. Craig

I pretty much laughed out loud at the crit scene, and really liked the way you used changes of scale in the drawings. It keeps the pace in a nice way.  Pretty awesome achievement.
– L. Calvet

“I read your book, and enjoyed it but not sure I understood it completely.”
– C. Hume

Page 21

“This morning I tucked away some time and read ARCHITECTURE DEPARTMENT. Loved it! Yet again, you hit it out of the park.
I hope your thesis was received well by your professor, as I thought it was great. I loved knowing the subtext the whole time. Kept me even more engrossed. Throughout it - especially, early on, with the appearance of The King - I wondered if this was maybe a prequel to THE CLIFF. The sneaky inclusion of Poopsie's folks let me know I was on the right path. Then, of course, you mention in the afterword that it was. Excited that this is too will be a cycle. Definitely warranted. Star Wars/LOTR style-but better!
Looking forward to the rest. But, before that, THE CLIFF: Book 5. Eagerly awaiting.”
– C. Parsons

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