Monday, 14 July 2014


So, it came and went... with sunshine, rain, butterflies, pigeons, passersby, and an assortment of wild and wonderful visitors to the Annex Patio Art Show, July 12-13, 2014.  Please find some photos, and for those with intestinal fortitude, a video documentary collaboration between my father Richard and me!

Ready for business.

Mr. Mikhail Gurarie, who helped with setup, take-down and maintenance throughout the show...
an essential mainstay of the Ambient Zero effort!  THANKS MIKE!!

A lovely lady peruses the pages...

Mystery visitor.

My lovely wife Quyen... she visited Varanasi with me on our honeymoon (her idea,) so
she knows the scenes behind us from firsthand experience!

Youngest and most advanced Cliff fan, our niece Evelyn Elizabeth
graced us with her rainbow presence.

Passersby, evincing zero interest in Ambient Zero.

What the... ?

There were pages on the inside, too... although few realized it.

Rain on the second day morning... really reminded me of traveling in
India, how you have to keep on going no matter what as if it's
no big deal.

My Mom, who first made us draw when we otherwise would have been punching
each other on long car trips.  She's holding the Annex Art Show catalog, open
to a drawing I did for Mackenzie's Pub, Annex.

Moving product.  (I.e., moving coffee into my guts.)

Me, Nettie and my Dad, who first taught me to draw a penguin.

Me, facing a picture of me, facing the Ganges River.


In addition, Brian Labelle has a project of photographing artists with their work, and came by to shoot the Annex Patio Art Show... check out these beautiful shots of all the artists who participated, on Brian's Flickr site:

And now, for those of you who made it to the end, a special treat!  

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